Offnode Technology Packages

Off Node comes in multiple configurations. Clients can select from different solutions packages to fit their needs. Below is the three tiers for service we can provide. Everything from a basic hardware and software bundle to enterprise custom solutions for larger organizations with special requirements. In the end our goal is to make the most affordable, effective and secure IT solution for your needs. 

MY Node 

Simple, fast and effective flexible move to plug and play IT. This option comes with a server and business suite. Just add connectivity and power to start using the benefits of node networking.  Great option for startups!


$299 per month

  • Full business suite
  • Supports Up to 50 users
  • Distributed Back ups
  • Node server hardware 
  • Free communications application
  • Power back up included
  • Initial Tech support included

Some of our clients need more. This option allows us to completely design, build and maintain  a  distributed OffNode . Options include customized hardware with individual nodes in multiple locations for the ultimate in security and protection.  

Call for Consult

  • Software included
  • Custom Hardware 
  • Online IT and On Site IT support
  • Unlimited users
  • multiple site capabilities
  • Full ongoing support
  • Training and staffing available

A solution for everyone. 

Bottom line is we will work with you to help design, operate and maintain an solution that work for any organization large or small. Our mission to get you off "Big Tech" and back in control means we will go the extra mile to ensure that you have a system that works for you. 

Take your head out of the clouds and control your information security by running IT OffNode. More information on